Hawaii Adventure Elopement

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North Shore, O’ahu Elopement

When I originally met with Tyler and Max to plan their elopement they said they wanted a Hawaii adventure elopement. To say it was an adventure would be an understatement. From meeting at 3:30 am to kayak in the dark to an empty island, hiking to the top, putting on their bridal attire, and exchanging vows just as the sun broke through the clouds. “Breathtaking” took on multiple meanings this day.

Kudos to Tyler who got her hair and makeup done at 12:30 am by Katelyn to make her elopement in time. And even more kudos to her for embracing the moment her eyelashes blew off in the wind before the first look. As evidenced by the photos, the lack of false eyelashes didn’t stop her groom from marveling at his bride.

Let the Hawaii Adventure Begin

The Hawaiian adventure began when we started the kayaking voyage to Chinaman’s Hat. Through the dark, we battled the wind, waves, changes in the current, and some sideways rain. While docking our kayaks we heard an alarming sound: the sound of crying newborns. I shined my headlamp around the area and found dozens of birds surrounding us making the sound. I later found out their Hawaiian name is “‘Ua‘u kani” and there are a few Hawaiian legends detailing the reasons for their sound.

We climbed to the top of the island and quickly changed into their bridal attire. The way the sun and wind accented Tyler’s wedding dress and jewelry had me absolutely swooning.

An Intimate Exchange of Vows

As if the sun breaking through to illuminate the Hawaiian backdrop of the Ko’olau mountain range, they began exchanging vows. With the wind and waves, I could hardly hear a thing but by observing through my lens, I could feel it all. They were soft, connected, and completely enamored with each other.

With the ceremony complete, they were free to galavant around the island. As I continued to document their Hawaii adventure elopement, they appeared to be floating with ease, soaking in the experience of here and now.

A Personal Touch

Their personal touch to the day was packing a bottle of Jack Daniels. They shared that on their first date, after having been friends for years, in college, they shared a bottle of Jim Beam on the rooftop of a parking garage and talked all night long. They have been together ever since and thought it would be a perfect way to commemorate the moment. I couldn’t agree more.

If you are looking for a Hawaii adventure elopement, let’s connect and create a dream day together.

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